The secret of scrapping therapy enable you to scrape effectively

Do you know the secret of scrapping effectively? The technique of scrapping is not important, what matter most is where you scrape.

It will be effective as long as you scrape along the meridian. If you know how to scrape along the meridian, it means you know scrapping therapy.

Just remember two things:

1 You must scrape along the “meridian”. Just follow the acupuncture points where they inter-join with each other. Forming the lines call “meridian”.

2 Scrape lightly; you don’t need to apply a lot of strength. It is because “sha” is not what you scrape out but something that already existed there, therefore, it will surface even when you scrape very lightly.

If there is no “sha”, no matter how much strength you apply, you won’t see it. So, please scrape lightly.

Scrapping therapy is not to scrape off your skin. It is to “scrape off” the clotted blood along the blood vessel wall.

This is because the toxin that stick along the inner of the blood vessel wall can’t surface and becoming the dissociation substance.

By using the scrapping therapy, we “scrape off” the toxin to the outer of the blood vessel wall. And this will be absorbed by our fresh blood and again suck back into the blood vessel and purge out as urine.

This is the whole process of scraping therapy.


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