The secret of scrapping therapy enable you to scrape effectively

Do you know the secret of scrapping effectively? The technique of scrapping is not important, what matter most is where you scrape.

It will be effective as long as you scrape along the meridian. If you know how to scrape along the meridian, it means you know scrapping therapy.

Just remember two things:

1 You must scrape along the “meridian”. Just follow the acupuncture points where they inter-join with each other. Forming the lines call “meridian”.

2 Scrape lightly; you don’t need to apply a lot of strength. It is because “sha” is not what you scrape out but something that already existed there, therefore, it will surface even when you scrape very lightly.

If there is no “sha”, no matter how much strength you apply, you won’t see it. So, please scrape lightly.

Scrapping therapy is not to scrape off your skin. It is to “scrape off” the clotted blood along the blood vessel wall.

This is because the toxin that stick along the inner of the blood vessel wall can’t surface and becoming the dissociation substance.

By using the scrapping therapy, we “scrape off” the toxin to the outer of the blood vessel wall. And this will be absorbed by our fresh blood and again suck back into the blood vessel and purge out as urine.

This is the whole process of scraping therapy.


Stop your headaches or migraine forever!

Scrapping therapy for headaches and migraine.

This is a very common problem for many of us. The attack is always sudden and normally the pain is increasingly unbearable. The illness causes dizziness and/or nausea, vomiting, agitating mood and poor quality of sleep.

It’s a stubborn problem that is not easy to get ride of.

The following example is using alternative therapy – scrapping therapy to solve the problem. This method can solve headaches and migraine amazingly well. It is a highly recommended therapy.

So, how to do it?

First of all, sitting upright. Exposing neck shoulder and apply body lotion or message oil on the area to be scraped.
Scrape from da zhui, da zhu, gao huang, shen tang, and then from feng chi scrape down along the neck to the shoulder area.

Scrape down and focus on jian jing, bing feng. Spot press the tai yang. Along the eyebrow, scrape from the brows to the tip of the brow.

Continue to scrape from qu bin at the back of the ear scrape in succession.

Focus the scrape on shuai gu, xian li, xian lou, he yan and tou qiao yin.

Using point scrape on lie xie, than scrape on he gu and the second metacarpal bone of the headache point.

Important thing to note:

Patient should make adjustment according to their health condition in term of diet and emotion.

Such as for patient whose liver is not very good, should avoid taking spicy food. And if you always feel unwell after drinking cold staff, then, try not to take them and also avoid taking raw food.

Take thing easy and remain calm. Maintain your spirit well being. Make sure you have sufficient sleep and increase the amount of exercise.

My story of why do I stay away from medicines… Are you facing the same problem?

Stay healthy without using medicines? Do you want to heal your body using the natural method or taking lots of harmful medicine that had lots of side effects? I am one of the million people who like to be healed naturally. This is the websites specially created to help you to achieve this. When I was younger, I always use pain killer for any physical challenges. Such as menstruation pain, headaches and fever (for whatever causes). I will use the pain killer to ease the pain without looking into the root of the problem. And than, my problem or pain keep coming back and I keep using pain killers. Imagine that unhealthy circle of treating my body? But, ever since I gave birth to my 2 little princesses, I started to look for alternative ways to cure them.

Lin (left) and Wei (right)

I have read and did a lot of research in this area for the sake of my family. Because I am bilingual in both Chinese and English languages, therefore I had the chance and ability to read and research on methods using the traditional way or you may call the Chinese ancient ways of healing. They are not only effective and also very user-friendly. Imagine, you could cure headache without taking pain killer 🙂 There was once my elder daughter had a very bad headache and I just refused to give her pain killer (sound cruel right but I had her great interest at heart). I remembered I came across a book teaching how to use scraping to ease and cure the problem and I use the Scraping method to cure her. Guess what? Immediately after the whole process, her pain eased and her eye did not swell anymore. WITHOUT taking any pain killer!


Stay away from medicines. Start using the natural methods to heal your body.

Stay away from medicines. Start using the natural methods to heal your body. I am one of the million people who like to be healed naturally instead of using harmful medicines.

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